Crane by Stacey Rourke

Crane - Stacey Rourke

I thought it very fitting that I read this last week, considering it was the premier week for the second season of ABC's Sleepy Hollow. And with a cover like that, and a title to match, the story itself did not disappoint one bit. In fact, it made me even more curious to want to read the original story from which this book is based.


The story of Crane follows two different times. We have the past, where we meet Ichabod Crane and two of his "buddies", Rip Van Winkle and Washington Irving, men who fought together in war and who have become, well, close isn't really the word for it. Rip and Irving have a sort of respect for Ichabod, considering the war had an impact upon him, causing uncontrollable tremors from an injury he sustained. We first meet the group of fellows as they make their way to Sleepy Hollow. It seems they had an agreement that whoever and wherever employment was gained first, that is where they would go. Rip and Irving are not really ecstatic over heading to the town of Sleepy Hollow, that is the first thought in their heads and out their mouths, and it seems the town of Sleepy Hollow isn't exactly ecstatic over having them there either.


From the moment they arrive, or shortly thereafter, people begin to die. The first victim being Selena Van Tassel, wife of Baltus Van Tassel, a man who does not like Ichabod whatsoever. Thankfully, though, one of Ichabod's friends, not knowing of this man's dislike of Crane uses his name as their. Still, though, Ichabod cannot shake the man's hatred. So when Ichabod meets his daughter the day after the terrible incident, he attempts to shoo her away, you know, without truly offending her, but alas, his name is revealed and she responds, surprisingly, with a smile.


Crane and Katrina Van Tassel get to know one another, but throughout their growing bond, bodies are being scattered like flies. Bodies of people who just happen to have connections to Katrina. The subtlety is perfect, but as the plot moves along, we find that her life could also be in jeopardy.


The story of the Headless Horseman, as each body falls, riles the town up more and more, and Ichabod desperately searches for a way to put this threat to the town, and possibly his love, to rest. But the task will not be easy. And it could mean certain death.


In present time, it seems Ireland Crane has just appeared in Sleepy Hollow in time to find bodies dropping around her as well. But the cause of the deaths will hit closer to home with her than it ever did with Ichabod. As danger rears ever nearer, its axe blade gleaming sharply in the moonlight, she will find herself fighting to keep the demon from killing again.


Crane involves love, loss, sacrifice, and an old man with stress-induced coma who, I must say, makes the story what it truly is. Both main characters, from past and present, will find their stories intertwining in more ways than one. There is humor, darkness, and just a satisfying ending that will have you wanting so much more. Thankfully, this is the first in a series, because Ireland's story is definitely not done yet.