Adagio by Delancey Stewart

Adagio: A Hot Contemporary Romance (The Company Book 1) - Delancey Stewart

I adore dance...especially ballet. There is just a beauty in it that makes me in awe of the people who learn and become almost masters of this exquisite sport. But that is only what we see on stage, during the performance. What we don't see is the blood, sweat and tears behind the curtain. There is so much more to ballet than meets the eye, and sadly, what is portrayed in this story is part of it.

Before anything, I just want to commend this book cover, because it is initially what forced me to read the blurb of the book, and once I did that I was hooked. It is just such a beautiful cover, and probably one of my favorites.

Now, to the characters. I must give kudos the author for starting the story out with a creepy factor with Sebastian and his cringe-worthy antics. I got chills and uncomfortable feelings at the beginning of this book, to the point where I was almost wasn't sure if I was truly going to like the rest of the book. In my head I was like, I do not like this. Something is not right. And boy was I correct. But the beginning opened up into a relief when the character of Cain was introduced. I mean, a visible sigh of relief actually ran through me when he came into the picture. I was all YAY! The leading man! That is what made me continue reading. I just knew he was going to be what made this story grand.

I have to admit that there is a bit of a thriller aspect to this story. What with the reopening of the OD case of a former member of the company. There is this tension throughout the story that something happened...something big. And while I could not quite put my finger on it, I knew that somehow her OD wasn't just a mere accident. No sir. It was not.

I absolutely adored the parts of the story where Anna described how dancing made her feel. Her awe was reminiscent of my own when I used to perform music. It is just something that cannot be taught or forced. That passion has to be inside of you.


This is the story of two people with terrible pasts coming together through what they love most. It is a story of learning to trust, and protecting those you love. I am completely in awe, and I cannot wait to see what the next books in this series will unfold.