Black City by Elizabeth Richards

Black City - Elizabeth  Richards

I was actually first introduced to this book via twitter. The author had posted something about going on a US tour for the book, and I, being a writer myself with aspirations of authordom, tweeted to her that this was an amazing opportunity that many only dream about. So it made me smile a bit when I finally got down to reading the book and remembered that short conversation.


So...this book was not what I expected. I do not remember what I initially thought it was going to be about last year when I first checked it out and read its blurb, but I know I did not expect Darklings and Sentries and second hearts. It was a bit darker than I expected too, which I absolutely loved. I mean, near the end, about page 292, I almost didn't want to finish because I was having a dark moment and I didn't want to lose any of the characters I was beginning to fall in love with.


I also love how this book has quite a bit of foreshadowing in it, but not so much that I felt I knew what was going to happen. It was just enough that I was kind of excited to guess future events, and sometimes I was right, but the events never happened the way I figured. It was unexpected and absolutely wonderful.


Also....I think I know who Purian Rose really is.


The story was very well done and I absolutely cannot wait to buy the second one and pick up where this first left off. I have to know what happens. I have to know if my prediction about Purian Rose is correct, and I have to know where all my favorite characters and least favorites will stand when the war between races finally ends, if it ever does.