The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

The Eternal Ones - Kirsten Miller

For some reason last week I was choosing books containing characters that annoyed the stuffing out of me so bad. UGH!!! This one was the same way, but I truly did love the story, and the certain character who annoyed only did so during certain points. Mainly when she would change her mind between believing her soul mate was a murderer and when she didn't. Yes, I am pretty much talking about Haven. I wanted to smack her when she kept changing her mind about Iain. Oh My Goodness! I got a tad old, and I was finally glad when the truth came out. In her defense, though, the evidence was kind of piling up against him, but she didn't have to change her mind four completely different times. I mean, one minute she was lovey dovey and the next she was plotting to put him in jail and pretty much screaming her head off that he betrayed her in some way.

Apart from this snag in the storyline, I was quite fascinated with the subject matter of this book. Reincarnation has always been a great interest in mine, and I wholeheartedly believe in it. So it was quite a fun ride to be able to see, whenever would have her visions, her past lives and the incidents that occurred in them. I also loved the idea of your heart and soul knowing a past love. It is kind of romantic actually.

Near the end, I was almost groaning in frustration because the story was so good. I desperately wanted Iain and Haven to be together. I was completely rooting for them, and I absolutely loved the gruesome stalker bit that basically reveals the true intentions of the troublemaker behind everything. It was completely awesome!! I am talking about the literal skeletons in the closet...or dresser thingy, I should say.

I am definitely going to read the second in this series, because I want to know if our villain is going to rear his ugly head once more. I say yes, and I cannot wait to see whether or not he will be defeated once and for all.