The Realms Thereunder by Ross Lawhead

The Realms Thereunder - Ross Lawhead

I do not know how many people liked the character Freya Reynolds, but I do know that I absolutely was annoyed by her at almost every turn throughout this book. I mean, I can understand why she is the way that she is, or at least I think I understand it, but still...UGH!! At times she could be so brave, very rare times, but the rest of the time she was HIDING UNDER A BED! Okay, so that only happened once, and she exaggerated about her reasoning behind it later in the book, but...I just can't even talk about her without groaning and moaning in almost excruciating pain.


Whew. Glad that is out of the way. With all that being said, I actually enjoyed the premise of the story. It was actually kind of fascinating. I loved the past/present aspect of it, and I loved seeing how both characters have grown since their experience as children.

One of the most fascinating parts of this book to me, as much as it kills me to admit, did star Freya. It was when she was experiencing a sort of accelerated ageing process.



Eventually it was revealed that it was all in her head, but every single time this part came up I was excited to see what new stage in her life she had reached. And then when she started rebelling against the outside force keeping her in her head, it became even more fascinating to see how she would escape.


I guess looking back on my reading experience with this book, I thought I understood the reason the older versions of the characters were the way they were. But finishing it, I don't think I understand at all. I mean, it kind of eludes me how Freya can be so paranoid, unless she begins to believe what she did not want to believe when it was happening. Guilt also could have been eating away at her. And Daniel, I guess I kind of understand why he is how he is, I mean I understand why he is homeless, but he acts as if all along he knew the evil of the underworld they found themselves in as children would seep into the human world. But with the ending given, it kind of doesn't make sense. He was told the evil had been vanquished. I would have loved a part that kind of explained this. His experience with the creature that brought back his knowledge that the evil had not been defeated after all and was growing stronger.


All in all, this was an okay read. I account part of that to the fact that this is the first book in a continuing story. Mostly this was just a retelling of past events and instilling in the main characters that they have a job to finish. There wasn't much story development, but I am going to read the second just to see what happens next.