Magick & Moonlight by Marie Lavender

Magick & Moonlight - Marie Lavender

I can definitely appreciate any book that has an element of witchcraft and spellcasting in it. Having red hair, I have always kind of identified with that sort of world. So at hearing that this particular novella had this aspect of the paranormal in it, and the fact that it was about a love spell where the caster falls in love with the castee, I was intrigued and quite excited to see what was going to happen.

Now, being that this is a novella, I knew that it was going to be short. But I actually did not expect for it to be so short. I loved the story, the premise, the characters, but I felt the story went too fast to actually affect me in any way. I did feel a small connection after finishing the story, and I loved the ending, but I would have liked there to be a bit more development throughout the story. I would have liked some more intimate connections between the two main characters. You know, scenes where they just talk and tell each other their lives and just get to know each other better. I also would have loved more of Ethan's point of view. For example, when we first meet him, he has already arrived in town and rented a cabin. I would have loved the first chapter to be him driving into this strange new town and maybe having the image of what made him run in the first place haunting him.

I wanted more time to experience their relationship while Ethan was under the spell. It just seemed like at one moment he was under, and the next he wasn't. I wanted to see her through his eyes, and I wanted there to be moments where a small thought in his mind made him question occasionally if what they had was real. And then I kind of wanted him to brush it away until finally something or someone jolts his memory and gets him out of his trance.

I just would have definitely loved more. This story has such potential to go from being a mere novella to a full-blown novel. There are so many situations that could occur and so many more people to introduce. I want to know so much more about the town itself. I want to really be grabbed emotionally by the confusing state of the main characters' relationship. I want to see the townspeople's reactions to the sudden relationship as well.


I think this is a very unique storyline, and I do believe it is a good read. But, as I said before, I really wish there was more.