Schasm by Shari J. Ryan

Schasm - Shari J. Ryan

So I actually had my first review started before I decided to completely delete it all and start over because the words I had typed did not even come close to how I was feeling about this book. I honestly do not think words can even describe my love for it. Hyperventilation might be the only thing that can even remotely resemble what I felt after finishing this book. I absolutely did not want it to end. Luckily, there are two more, so I can immediately begin reading those after writing this re-review. I guess I better make this quick then so I can get started...


This was one weird book. I mean that in the best way. It focuses on a girl named Chloe whose mother and almost everyone else she encounters treats her like a headcase because she does something called drifting. Now, as one of the characters in the book states, it is kind of like daydreaming, only more real. For example, she drifts off to Paris quite a few times and can smell buttery croissants and taste creamy hot chocolate. It is completely real to her, yet she knows it is all in her mind. 


But here is the it really?


Something secret and unknown to her is going on in her reality. People know more about her condition than they are letting on. Her mother knows more about what Chloe is going through than she is willing to admit. And what's more is they are trying to make her forget how to drift. They are trying to make her "normal." Something is not right. Chloe does not know who to trust anymore. And even I am having doubts of whether or not she should trust anyone at all. Not even her love interest Alex who she has supposedly known since she was seven, but who she doesn't remember...GAH, SO MANY FEELS!!


This is haunting and beautiful at the same time. I am just overwhelmed by how phenomenal this read truly was. I mean, I am mentally exhausted by all the emotions this story put me through, and it is an emotional roller coaster for those of you who have not read it. I absolutely LOVED that. I related to Chloe so much, and I just want her to have a happy ending. Or at least as happy as it can be. I so desperately want to know why her memories were taken away from her childhood. I want to know more of her mother's story. I want to truth separated from lies. I just want to this to end, but yet, I want to savor every morsel of it. My jaw is completely dropped by this story. It is just so indescribably wonderful and twisted and just... No more words will come to mind. Just read it. It truly is a masterpiece of its own design.


Obsession...that is the last word I will say.


Gorgeous...okay, final word.


Mind Blown...stopping now.