Amber Passion by Allie Burke

Amber Passion - Allie Burke

Throughout this series, I have absolutely adored Allie Burke's writing, this story, the characters, and just the overall experience of reading these books. However, with this last one, I must admit that I was a bit disappointed.

Amber Passion focuses on two different couples throughout its pages. We have Daniel and Claire, who have a wondrous connection in spite of their stark power differences; Jane and Elias, who are both still reeling from the events resulting in a character's death who was really close to Jane; and Abby and Evan, who go on a trip that will forever change Abby and which will introduce her to the uncle she never knew. While all of their separate experiences are very important to the story, I felt that because they were all put into one book, they were all missing that special quality that I have seen in the other two books in this series. There were moments where that quality did indeed show itself, but they were fleeting and too few and far between. I just didn't feel as connected as I wholeheartedly wanted to be, and I think that is my biggest sadness with this final book.

I believe that maybe this book could have actually been broken up into three. With Abby and Evan's portion being a short novella focusing on their trip, to be placed between books 2 and 3, of course; Daniel and Claire's portion being book 3, focusing on both points of view as was done with the first two books; and book 4 being the ending and the story of the first relationship between a Brooks woman and a Clarke man and why it ended so abruptly, tying the rushed ending from this book up neatly and completing the series perfectly.

My mixed feelings toward this book are never going to deter me from reading any more of Allie Burke's work, because her writing makes me feel indescribable when I read it, like I could hold all the magic in the world in the palm of my hand.


I do recommend reading the second book in this series before beginning this third one, if only to gain a bit of insight into the characters. While I cannot announce from the rooftops my infinite love for this book, my adoration for its characters makes me want you, fellow reader, to try it. Pick it up, give it a chance, and make your own perceptions.