Yours Truly, Taddy by Avery Aster

Yours Truly, Taddy - Avery Aster

When given the wonderful opportunity to read and review this second book in The Underground Years focusing on the character Taddy, I of course had to look up the first book, Love, Lex, which focuses on the character of Lex. Because I immediately enjoyed that first one, this book was a no-brainer on the matter of whether or not I would love this one.



Taddy is a very strong girl. With her parents disowning her at the very young age of thirteen, and considering what has happened with her and her friends between then and now, how can she not be? She seems to me to be the glue that keeps them all together. I mean, when Vive had a nervous breakdown in a jail cell and almost disowned Lex as a friend altogether just to get out in the first book, Taddy was the voice of reason. So I was very happy to kind of see her vulnerable side in this book.

Taddy discovers things about herself and her own insecurities in this book that I do not think she ever knew, and it kind of ends up making her stronger in a way. It is a beautiful installment in the series and so far my favorite.


This book is amazing!!! I am floored by Taddy's story and cannot wait to read book three, which is about our favorite GBF, Blake! YAY!