Emerald Destiny by Allie Burke

Emerald Destiny - Allie Burke

OH MY GOODNESS!! I am so in love with this series!

This second book in the Enchanters series is set twenty years after the events in Violet Midnight and focuses mainly on the relationship between Evan, Christian's son, and Abby, Jane and Elias' daughter. Their love is so strong, to the point where each has been watching over the other since they the age of six. But secretly, of course, due to their love being kind of forbidden since that age as well.

Christian doesn't want his son to be hurt like he himself was hurt all those years ago by Jane. Every day, he feels a sense of loss, because he just loves her too much. Seeing her with Elias is painful, and he just doesn't want to watch Evan go through that.

Abby is not really forbidden to see Evan, but Elias does not really like her to see him based on who his father is. But you can tell, even from the beginning, that not being with him just kills her, and vice versa.

Along with Abby and Evan's relationship, we get a glimpse into the past. More specifically in Christian and Jane's past: how they met, their relationship that seemed just too good to be true, and then the thing that tore them apart. In this story, the past will connect with the present as Jane and Christian kind of revisit those feelings and that time. Was their separation a mistake? Or was it a lifetime of rejection between their ancestors that decided their fates?

Oh, and we also get to learn a little more about Daniel, Abby's twin brother. And a love that he doesn't have the courage to pursue. But an epiphany just hit me about that love, and I hope to God that Daniel allows himself to pursue this girl in the next book, because it makes total sense for them to be together.


This book had its flaws, but I DO NOT CARE!!! This series makes me all warm and fuzzy when I read it. The characters are all so amazing. Their magic is so beautiful, and I just want more. The way the author writes is practically indescribable. I cannot wait for the last in the series. I am literally jumping up and down in anticipation of reading it.