Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision

Threats of Sky and Sea (3 Book Series) - Jennifer Ellision

So usually I will start my reviews with a kind of blurby section of what the book is about, and then I will basically say what I liked about it and some things I may have changed about the story, if anything. But since the blurb of this book does such a good job of doing that itself, I think I will just go into the like or don't like section of my review.


Oh, my, gosh. This story is the perfect example of what I have talked about in many reviews of fantasy novels. That indescribable feeling of regalness about it can never be forgotten once it is experienced. The text of this story just flows flawlessly together. I was practically in awe of Threat of Sky and Sea. It was AMAZING!

And the characters...such strong, well-developed people were they. I could feel their presences beside me as I read, and I definitely felt the mistrust Breena felt as she began her life in court.

Nothing could have been better than reading this.


SO TOTALLY WORTH IT! This book had all the aspects of wondrous fantasy novels that I absolutely adore. I want much more...