Violet Midnight by Allie Burke

Violet Midnight - Allie Burke

This book had two sides to me. On the one hand, it had sort of a childlike innocence as Jane and Elias kind of discovered their love for each other, and on the other hand, that innocence was taken over by suffering as their real worlds collided with their newfound one. Both of them have had their share of heartaches. Elias with someone very close to him, and Jane...well she has had even more than her share, considering what she is.

When we meet Jane, we find that she is not what most would consider "normal". She has abilities that sort of define her. And I think that is what I liked most about her. Her abilities, along with her red hair (I mean, who doesn't like red hair), and her personality made me absolutely adore her as a character. And then when she finds Elias, I could have just died with happiness for her. But I feel so sad when you find out the loss she just so recently experienced, and also the reason behind her sleeping during the day and staying up at night. And to top it all off, a strange man who wants her dead...someone who has abilities as well...I was literally pouting.

And Elias, who may be normal, but still has his own demons. He has to deal with parents who don't seem to love him at all after the death of his twin brother. After finding Jane, he wants to protect her. He would never be able to live if something happened to her. So what do we do...put her life in danger, his too. Why not, it will make their bond even stronger. And it might make his family appreciate him a bit more.


This book was a paranormal fantasy I will never forget. It was indescribably beautiful and heart-wrenching and HAD PURPLE GLITTER!! I can honestly say that I have never read a book where one of the stars was purple glitter. And I absolutely loved it! I'm kind of jumping in my seat right now because I so want to get the others in this series.