Incantation Paradox by Annamaria Bazzi

Incantation Paradox - annamaria bazzi

Dolores Reynard has two girls she absolutely loves with all her heart and an ex-husband she could very well live without. Her life is not perfect, but it is hers and she wouldn't trade places with anyone in the world for it. Well, much to her chagrin, she is about to. After a terrible accident, she wakes up to find herself, not dead or terribly injured, but in the body of seventeen-year-old girl named Mona. She must find some allies in this new life of hers that will believe her story and help her answer all the questions going through her mind, or she might have to grow up all over again.


Jason Richmond understands all too well what Dolores is going through. The problem is finding a solution to her predicament. Along with that, he must deal with two forces that could very well bring Dolores' souls' undoing. One force which brought about Mona's supposed end, and which is now trying to hurt Dolores as well, and one which, if it awakens, could put Dolores on the back burner in the body she now inhabits. Hopefully, temporarily.


Throughout all this, Dolores and Jason begin to have feelings for one another. And once a solution is found, IF one is found, to get Dolores back into her own body, they must figure out how to prevent their growing love for another from being forgotten.


While I loved the beginning, and I especially loved the ending, the middle didn’t seem to flow as perfectly and could have used a bit more polishing and organizing. But all in all, it was a really, really cool story. It was different and had a wonderfully strange quality about it. A magical quality that made me want to turn every page. I just had to know what was going to happen next. Read it, because it is totally worth it.