Son of Dragons by Andrea R. Cooper

Son of Dragons - Andrea R. Cooper

Okay, so we are introduced to some new characters in this second installment in the Legends of Oblivian series: Mirhana, Brock's elf-born twin sister who looks more human than elf; Prince Landon, a man who seeks a chance to find his own way in the world and not be treated like the royal he is; Gillespie, Landon's right hand man who knows how important the prince is to his kingdom and doesn't want anything too horrible to happen to him; and Jeslyn, a mysterious woman who joins our crew after helping to stave off some very nasty enemies. This is actually just naming a few, not counting a Drow Queen, a pack of very fierce dragons, and a ton of undead. Whoo!! Sounds like a lot, huh? But actually it doesn't seem that way when you read the book. The story flows nicely enough that the characters never really seem to get jumbled up. They are all there for a purpose. Some for their own gain and some having to do with the prophecy mentioned in Cursed in Shadow.


Now I must say that I adored the character of Mirhana in this. I always love finding a character that is relatable, in a sense, to me. She is a very strong girl who has gone through quite a lot compared to her brother. At least if you consider his life and hers before he was turned into the Vaer. She has been a bit unlucky in love, sometimes by just time and other times by the undead changing them and her having to kill them herself. But, as they say, "It is better to have loved...", right? But it isn't until she meets Prince Landon, who obviously doesn't tell her he is a prince due to his whole thing about wanting to do for hisself, that she realizes all the others were minor players compared to him. And no matter what she does, she cannot shake the feeling that they are pretty much meant for each other.


Now besides all heart-to-heart, love stuff that goes on, we actually do have quite a bit of action. The characters, who initially start out on their own separate paths, meet up and head out on a journey together to end the Warloc's reign. Or at least the threat of his new reign through his protege, the mysterious Sorceress. No one knows who this chick is, but she is bound and determined to end at least one of their lives to keep the prophecy stating his demise at their hands from coming true. And boy does she have quite a few tricks up her sleeve. She will do anything to bring him back.


Now, while this book does see our heroes and heroines reach the Sorceress and attempt to stop her, I was a bit confused by the ending. Or should I say the outcome of the "battle" that ensues. I actually had to go back a few pages in the second to last chapter just to figure out what had happened. It just felt too abrupt. And along with that, I felt some of the scenes throughout the story were a bit rushed. Some of them felt like they could have been developed more, and by developing them more they could have added so much more to the story. This actually felt like it could have been two books instead of one with just a bit more detail both into their journey and in the last part of the book where they face the Sorceress. Because, I must admit, I actually kind of expected that final scene where they find the Sorceress and attempt to thwart her plans should have been it. And with a bit more detail, it could have been.


I really did love this, and I would definitely read another book in this series if it is in the works. I really want to know what is going to happen next after that epilogue of "WHAT!!!" I mean, seriously, I so want the good guys to win. But I also kind of don't want to lose any of them. Well, the important ones anyway. The main ones. But there is one that I could definitely live without right now after reading this last book. *insert ominous music here* I just get a bad vibe with this person. Like I cannot trust them any more. And I have a feeling that person is going to play a big part in the next book. And it is not going to be pretty.