Hope by Robert K. Swisher, Jr.

HOPE - Robert K. Swisher Jr.

I absolutely loved this book. This was actually my first experience reading Robert Swisher's work, and it was a very pleasant surprise, both in its truth and in the all around message it brings.


Hope focuses on the antics of a bunch of residents at an old folks' home. What I especially liked about it was the fact that the characters all felt so real. I could actually picture all of them as being real people in a home just wondering what they were truly alive for. What was the point if they couldn't hardly walk or do much for themselves? Well, one very special man with the innocence of a child shows them why. He shows them that life doesn't end when you are old, that life, more specifically hope, can be a guiding light when you feel alone and tired and broken. It is truly the little things that can get you through so much. Whether it is a flying class or making raisin wine or just being able to look at a Playboy magazine with your buddies. The little things in life can give you the wings to fly. The little hopes in life can allow you to live for just one more day.


Each character has their own story, their own reason for being. And this book, it was beautiful. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful.