The Secret of Grim Hill by Linda DeMeulemeester

The Secret of Grim Hill - Linda DeMeulemeester

I had a rare day off yesterday, so I decided to go through my kindle and pick a book to read "just for the fun of it." I had just recently bought this book after finding it randomly, or maybe not so randomly since they go based on what you have looked for in the past, on Amazon and thought it sounded quite interesting, so this is the one I chose to spend my day with.


Now while I am above the intended age level that this book was intended for, I definitely did enjoy it. It had a spooky quality about it due to the events of the story and the characters were written well enough to make them believable and likeable. Even the dreaded fairy characters.


The thing is, I also felt that the story never really had any high points or low points. While the ending was quite exciting with the whole fairy circle thing, I never really felt surprised or anxious or really any emotion at all. I am a reader who likes to be yanked in as if I am part of the book itself. I want to feel part of the story. And this just kind of felt like too easy a read for me. Although, I do like that the ending never really felt the ending. Like there was some impending doom to befall the characters. It is Sookie's newfound attachment to Grim Hill and her humming of a certain tune that implies this. 


Things are just beginning, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book so I can see what is going to happen next.