Cutlass by Ashley Nixon

Cutlass (Cutlass Series) - Ashley Nixon



Okay, so if you haven't noticed by my very exclaimed sentence above there, I am freaking out over this book. It has been quite some time since I have read a novel with pirates in it. And to have this book contain some fantasy elements to it...well, I am definitely not opposed to that.


I really cannot explain what it is that interests me about pirate stories. Maybe it is the freedom of the open seas, or the smell of the salt air, but there is something there that just makes me want to pick up a pirate story and read it. Has been since I was very young. I just love the adventure. And this story was not short of that.


We are initially introduced to a young man named Barren, who has held a grudge against his brother William for the death of their father five years before. He wants revenge. So when opportunity seems to arise in the form of an engagement letter, Barren gets an idea. A final showdown between the two brothers...all over William's bride-to-be.


But that would actually depend on whether or not William is willing to risk life and limb for this girl. And according to her, that is not going to happen.


Larkin is a girl who has been raised to despise pirates and all they stand for, so it is not surprising to her when a bunch of pirates decides to capture her, something her father has tried to prevent, or so he says, since she was very young.


These two characters will clash in the beginning, but time will pass and people's true intentions will arise, causing them to band together to stop a great and terrible force from taking over and raising its ugly head once again after all these years.


This book was maybe not perfect, but close. It was phenomenal and just a wonderful story. The characters, especially the main ones, were indescribably well-written. They felt so there. I am actually quite happy I have no clue what is going to happen next in this trilogy, because I want to be surprised. I want to be awed by what this author can think up next for Barren and his crew.