The Scholar by May Nicole Abbey

The Scholar  - May Nicole Abbey

I love anything Egyptian. Ever since I was a young girl, Ancient Egypt has intrigued me. Their lifestyles, the elegant art and hieroglyphs that have been found from their time, the pharaohs and queens that ruled...everything about it. I even for a time wanted to become an Egyptologist, and I still do to this day. So it was definitely a no-brainer to read this one. Also, the fact that it this story is hinted upon in the first book of this series didn't hurt matters.


The main character of The Scholar, Serena Metcalfe, is a definite contrast to Rachel Madera's character in the first book. They are the same in the fact that they are pretty much dismissed by their peers and professors, but different in how they react their destinations. While Rachel was intrigued by everything and seemingly afraid of nothing, or so it seems, Serena is met by a different situation. She too is intrigued by the place she had only studied, but she is haunted by her past throughout part of the novel. She also encounters a horrific scene which seems to explain a sudden reseating and repositioning of the Egyptian royal family and which could also mean dire consequences for her if she reveals what she saw.


Love will rear its head, whether Serena wants it to or not. And believe me, she will fight it for all its worth for the chance to be accepted in her own time. But a sacrifice of epic proportions could change her views.


I absolutely loved this novel. It was phenomenal!!! Worthy of three exclamation points at least. And even more stars. I am going to follow this series until the very end and read each book like there is no tomorrow.