The Pauper by May Nicole Abbey

The Pauper: (Book Three) (The Fall Series) - May Nicole Abbey

While this book, and all of the other books so far in the Fall series, can be read as a stand-alone novel, I actually do not recommend it. Because this book, this wonderful third book, in the series, explains how it all began, well, in a sense at least. Because technically to these stories there is truly no beginning or end, there is only a connection that each person and experience has with each other. A connection that intertwines and becomes a magnificent puzzle that without each separate piece would not exist.


When reading the first and second installments in this series, I found the writing to be phenomenal. It just had this quality about it that seemed to breathe such life into the characters. A special quality that forced me to keep reading. I just had to know what was going to happen next. And while this third installment had just that same quality, I felt the beginning to be a bit forced. It just for some reason felt, I'm not sure, like it was missing something or had been hurried in order to reach the heart of what the story was truly about. But once the heart of the story was finally reached, it felt like seeing an old friend. That hurriedness was gone, and the familiarity of the first two books was there once more.


As always, I absolutely loved the main characters of this story. Heather Higgins is a brash little firecracker, while Ammon Maharahi is a sickly man trying to save the future by changing the past. They will be connected in a way that the other characters in the other books in this series never were. And they will experience a grand journey that, again, the other characters probably could only ever dream of.


This is definitely the clincher. It is the book that binds them all together, and I feel this story to be especially grand because of that fact. But I know there are more to come. More time travel, more amazing characters, more unusual situations, more love... Just more. And I cannot wait.