Cole Dust by Micheal Maxwell

Cole Dust (Cole Sage Mystery #4) - Micheal Maxwell

Out of all the computers in all the world, this book had to download on to mine...


No I have not watched Casablanca recently, but I did watch second movie in The Librarian series and I thought that the quote above kind of fit how I feel about this book.


I have read all the Cole Sage books so far and if I had to compare each one, I would say that this one has to be my favorite so far, mainly because it allows us as the readers to delve more into Cole Sage's family history. It also allows Cole to be able to grow more as a writer.


Throughout the book we learn about Cole's grandfather. A man who Cole does not know much about. His is a tragic story, one of a lost dream and love, one of heartache and prejudice, and Cole is going to be a better man for learning about him. He'll also find solace in family he never knew he had, and there will also be a chance for him and a certain someone to grow relationship-wise.


This is actually quite a beautiful story in this series. It allows us to take a breather from the cases Cole normally covers and lets us see a little bit more into his soul.


Cole is going to learn a lot about himself in this one. Because it is the past the truly influences our future.