The Dreamer by May Nicole Abbey

The Dreamer (Book One) (The Fall Series) - May Nicole Abbey

I was going to begin this review by stating how the book begins on such an elegantly written note, but I just want to cut straight through to the heart of what I want to write about, and that is the main character of this story, Rachel. Rachel, I must say, has to be my favourite character throughout this whole thing, the captain being second, of course, mainly because of the fact that she is just too intelligent for her own good.

From the moment she lands on Captain Mallory Tucker's ship, right after time travelling by jumping off a cliff, she is so fascinated by the time she has landed in. She is so fascinated, in fact, that she decides to make a project out of the captain almost immediately, taking notes on his ship, his life, his men...EVERYTHING!!


I also love that she seems to analyze everything even when she is being dressed in proper attire for the time. She just cannot help herself, and every observation she makes seems to come out of her mouth. It is the most hilarious thing. It is also kind of funny how she seems to confuse the captain at every turn. Her non-typical behaviour as a woman seems to scare him a little. He knows what to expect from usual woman, normal woman, and for that reason, he understands them even though he doesn't. Does that make sense? But with her, he doesn't really know what she'll do next.

And believe me, she can be very unpredictable.


This was a really sweet story full of pirates and an obnoxious duke and loads of treasure. It even includes an Egyptian pharoah. WHAT??? I relished every moment spent with all the characters of this book, not just Rachel and the captain. It was loads of fun just reading this story, and I cannot wait to get started on the others in this series.