The Covenant of Genesis by Andy McDermott

The Covenant Of Genesis  - Andy McDermott

I have actually been wanting to read this installment in the Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase series since my first taste of the series back when The Cult of Osiris, or Pyramid of Doom as the copy was called in the US, came out in stores. Since Nina is basically considered a quack in her line of work at the beginning of the fifth book, it intrigued me as to what may have caused her fall from grace. So I was very happy to finally, since starting from the beginning of the series, get to read this fourth book.


I love McDermott's work. Yeah I may complain about too much action sometimes and not enough puzzles to solve regarding each individual treasure of history that the characters are attempting to find, but all in all I am very happy with what this particular author has brought to the action/adventure/treasure-hunting/thriller genre. This book however, bypassed all of the ones in this series that I have read so far, and even ranks higher on my list than The Pyramid of Doom, which I mainly picked up back in 2010 or 2011 I believe because it had to do with Egypt and the Pyramids. This book brings to light so many different questions about religion and it also brings up some very good points to think on, e.g. How religion plays such a huge part in a lot of people's lives and how they would be affected if told their God or Gods were based on a civilization which predated humanity.


While I do not condone bad guys destroying things, I could actually see the point of keeping the information and possible evidence found by Nina and Eddie hidden from the world. The implications that it would cause if put out in the open suddenly could be astronomical and bring quite a bit of destruction in its wake.


If I wasn't hooked before on this series, this amazing fourth book has officially made me so. I am so excited to continue Nina and Eddie's adventures in the novels already out and any possible future novels that this author decides to write.