A Legacy of Light by Daniel Arenson

A Legacy of Light - Daniel Arenson

When Rune Brewer's best friend Tilla Roper is taken to be turned into a soldier for the current regime, along with all of those of age in the town of Cadport, he believes that the only thing for him is her own fate. To go when the time comes to be trained into a soldier. Well, he's right, but only halfway. His fate will lead him in a direction he never intended or even thought about going. His beliefs and who he believes himself to be will be challenged, and he will have to choose between working for a heartless ruler or working for a group which he has been taught is the enemy. But enemy for who is the question.


This book was amazing. The imagery and the battles and the separate chapters for all the characters set this apart from a lot of the fantasy books I have been reading lately. Each individual character has their own fight they must live through, whether it be the ones with evil intent or the ones with the best intentions or even the ones who are just trying to survive. Each has their own reasons for doing what they do. This aspect did not make me hate any one character, it just made me understand each one in their actions.


I kind of hated the ending. Not an I didn't enjoy it type of hate. But just the fact that it ended. I want to know more. I want to feel more of what these characters feel. I just want more. Luckily, though, this is just the first book and there is more to come.