A Winter's Knight by Elizabeth Cole

A Winter's Knight - Elizabeth  Cole

This was a quick read for me inbetween novels, which made it no less good. I loved it. The story was really good and the characters were quite likeable...well, some of them anyway. Haha. If you read it you'll know what I mean. On to the good ones, though, on to the good ones.


The first quite likeable character is Pheobe, a sweet young woman who is saved from some ruffians by the second quite likeable character, Tony. Tony is a mystery to Pheobe, but a handsome one nonetheless, and from the moment he takes her home she dreams about him. He is her knight in shinging armor and she wants to be his princess.


But Tony is a bit more complicated than he wants to let on. He has a sadness about him for most of this story. One that was brought about from an injury he sustained as a soldier. One that cost him love in the end. So it seems only natural that he doesn't want to get close to someone. But when you now own an estate that said someone went to as a child and absolutely adores, it's hard to keep a distance.


Most of the story is the blooming of the relationship between our two main characters. It also focuses on Tony's decision to sell the estate and leave. Pheobe begins to break down his walls, constantly making him think he is doing the right thing by leaving. However, love makes people do the craziest things, so he could very well change his mind.


While part of the ending was a bit predictable with a confrontation between Tony and his past, I saw it coming and loved it all the more for that. This story is sweet and touching and would be a wonderful read for a rainy day.