Captivate Me by S.J. Pierce

Captivate Me (Book One: The Captivated Series) - SJ Pierce

The beginning of this book starts out with the same premise that a lot of Paranormal books that I have read start out with. You have a girl who feels somewhat lost in the world, something happens that separates her from the world,  or at least the "norm", and she feels even more like that freak that she believes herself to be, and then a wonderful opportunity happens, allowing her to set things in motion for her true destiny to be revealed. Now, just because I say this is the premise of most that I have read does not mean that it is entirely similar. Books can start the same, it is how they end that truly shows a writer's merit.

I actually loved Kat, the main character. I could feel her emotions throughout this book, and that is very important to me. I could somewhat feel her pain at being considered an outcast when her powers are revealed at her old school. I could relate to that fact and I also kind of loved it that her old school was in Ireland. Okay, so I cannot relate to that, but I can definitely respect an author who can put Ireland in something. MY FAVOURITE PLACE!! *clears throat* Back to the review.

Throughout the book, I could feel a tension building in every page. A tension I did not exactly know the cause of, but which helped with the anticipation of the situation, i.e. the fact that people are disappearing and there is a mysterious boy invading Kat's dreams who keeps leaving her gifts. Are they connected in some way? Is he involved with these very disappearances? These are the questions that allow that tension to become stronger and stronger, allowing it to gradually rise until the end, when everything resolves itself, or at least, as with all series, resolve itself enough to carry the story on to another installation.


I really did love this story. It may have started with a general concept, but it certainly had its own flare. The author did a wonderful job making this one different, and I actually cannot wait to get my hands on the other books involving Kat, and now that I know about the books regarding her parents (Alex Rayer Chronicles) I cannot wait to pick those up as well. I love this world, I love these characters, and I cannot wait for what is in store.