A Dark & Stormy Knight by Suzie Quint

A Dark & Stormy Knight: A McKnight Romance (McKnight Romances) - Suzie Quint

Okay, so I have been listening to a load of country music this past week. Thanks, for the most part, the topic of books I have recently been reading. And also thanks to the fact I just found out my phone has FM radio and country is what comes in best on it. YAY!! But mostly because of the topic of books I have been reading.


A Dark & Stormy Knight is a wonderful wonderful story of cowboys and the women who love them...or believe that they don't in the case of Georgia McKnight, who left her bull riding husband years ago and has believed ever since she left him that it was the right thing to do. Her excuses? They were young and dumb, they thought love conquered all, etc. But, hey, whatever makes her sleep at night. It was these excuses that got her through all the visits to the McKnight ranch when dropping off her daughter with the girl's father for a select amount of time each summer. Then, however, she could just leave and come back when that time was over. But when a stroke takes out her mother and Georgia's sister Bethany calls her up to help out during the ENTIRE summer, she won't be able to hide behind her excuses. She will have to face the man she left in the dust.


Sol McKnight was heartbroken the night Georgia left, and ever since, he has fought to keep her out of the hands of any man. So it seems like a dream come true when she has to stay the summer to help out her parents. Can he get her to stay for good, or will the past repeat itself by her running away from him again.


I loved this book so much. It aggravated me to no end!!! But in a good way. Both characters are stubborn as mules and just too hard-headed to back down from each other. They goad one another just to get a reaction...AND THAT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK!! As the summer goes on, old feelings begin to come back, causing them to actually face what happened all those years ago.


I must say that Georgia is a bit difficult, and that is putting things mildly. She is so quick to judge Sol on everything, and, to quote a character, "he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't," but you can tell that she really does not want to face the truth. That what happened all those years ago could have been a HUGE mistake! However, I kind of like her this way. Yeah, it is aggravating at times to hear her judge Sol against other men and say that she would be better off with someone else, but that is what makes the story juicy. SO MUCH DRAMA!!!! I love it.


I also love how every other character can see Sol and Georgia's true feelings for one another. But every time the subject is brought up, "Oh no, it can't be..." I find that so funny. But love is truly blind sometimes. And deaf, from all the yelling. And sore, from all the heated...well...conversations. *wink wink*


In the end, a possible threat of impending marriage and a situation with an engagement ring may be the thing that decides the fate of Sol and Georgia.


I noticed my review was getting a bit long, so I am just going to end by saying...READ THIS!!! It is a phenomenal book and just one of three in the McKnight series. More specifically, #3. Plus, there is even a short story about Sol and Georgia that takes place before this where Sol makes a plan to jeopardize yet another of Georgia's relationships. Definitely going to read that.


I am officially a fan of Suzie Quint. Girl, you are AWESOME!!