Rex Randall and the Jericho Secret by Vince Carter

Rex Randall and the Jericho Secret - Vince  Carter

Okay, so when I first looked at the cover of this book, I really wasn't sure what exactly it would be about. Which is truly saying something, because I actually got the blurb of the book first. Haha. But anyway, I picked it up quite intrigued. Who is this leading man? Why are there five women around him? Where did he get that awesome hat? All the serious questions one asks before reading a book.


Well, to answer the first question, the leading man is Rex Randall, world famous author who bases his books on his own real life experiences. You know, the experiences most aspiring authors have...rappelling off buildings, shooting like a sniper, helping protect the country against future possible assassination plots, etc. Good old everyday experiences. The answer to the second question: Those five women are...well...I guess you could kind of call them his harem. AND they help him with his "projects." They have their own skills that allow them to assist when duty calls in the form of a woman named "W".


As for the hat, I PLEAD THE FIFTH!!


Seriously, though, the main character kind of reminds me of a cross between Richard Castle and James Bond and the women kind of remind me of a larger group of Charlie's Angels, they just have that kick-ass quality about them.


The story is actually quite original. I love the fact that some of what is written in this book regarding Rex's latest mission really seems like it could be true, come true, or at least become a possibility. It truly seems real. However, one thing I did have an issue with was that the story seemed a bit tame. Just as soon as a situation arose that could create a good bit of tension in the story, it seemed to be resolved just as fast. I would have loved to see more, dare I say, panic in the main characters. Yeah they are highly trained individuals who are good at what they do, but I want that feeling of "How can they ever make it out of this situation?" I wanted to be yelling at my book, "Come on, you can do it!" or "Just hold on! Help is on the way!", but unfortunately that really didn't happen.


But honestly, don't let that discourage you from reading this. It truly is a good book that did end up making me anticipate what was going to happen next. And my brain is whirring with all the possibilities for these characters. There is so much potential in this possible series. SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!!