Whodunnit: Murder on Mystery Island by Anthony E. Zuiker

Whodunnit: Murder on Mystery Island - Anthony E. Zuiker

Okay, so I was absolutely stoked when this sequel to Murder in Mystery Manor came out. So stoked, in fact, that I had already pre-ordered it before it released and spent my early morning hours of the day it came out reading it, or shall I say listening to it, since I also bought the free audio book, I listened to it that whole day, finally finishing it in the dark hours of the evening.


Now as far as audio books go, I tend to judge them by the reader, because ultimately to me, if the reader is not interesting, no matter the subject or genre of book, I will tend to stop listening. I usually will just pick up the true book copy and read it for myself when that happens. Luckily, with this book, I was just as entertained by the reader as I was in the first one. I mean, come on! It's the butler from Rue Manor for crying out loud!


And speaking of Rue Manor, it actually is mentioned in the beginning of this book, but while I do appreciate the fact this book is based off the show, I kind of wished they would not have even mentioned Rue Manor. To me, the story was not really affected by the mention of the events at Rue Manor, and also, because things do not really go into too much detail of the events, I felt like I was missing something. I kind of wish they would make a book version of the events at Rue Manor and consider that one to be the second book. That would clear things up, and also, what would I have thought if I hadn't watched the show? I would have felt lost.


All in all, this book was awesome, despite my Rue Manor rant I had a few chapters in, and it was filled with twists and turns and so much more intricate death scenes. OH, THE DEATH SCENES! That is the amazing part of books. You can do so much more with the imagination than you could ever do in real life. Well, TV-wise.


I absolutely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the show, and those who have read the first book, because this one just adds to the story and even sets us up for a third installation. CAN'T WAIT!! Well, if they make it that is....