Ratpaths by Angelika Rust

Ratpaths - Angelika Rust

I absolutely loved this book. The main thing about it that I loved was the fact that it is a fantasy tale, but without all the things associated normally with a fantasy tale. I mean, I adore fantasy tales with elves, dragons, even magic, I absolutely thrive on them, but this book takes you on a journey that enraptures you in every second of the story without the need for those things. Well…it enraptured me at the very least.

Nivvo is a very likeable and seemingly independent character who knows what he is capable of doing, due to the fact that he has encountered so much hardship since the young age of six. He knows how far he is willing to go for those he loves, and he is also willing to sacrifice his own self, happiness, and freedom to make sure those he loves are safe.

I love the that I wasn’t just told Nivvo’s whole story from the very beginning. On the contrary, he was just thrown into the story at his present age and the writer gradually introduces him throughout different daydreams and memories the character experiences.

I also love the character of Reka. She is so feisty and bold. I absolutely adored reading every part she was in, because she is a fighter. She will fight tooth and nail for the things she wants to protect.

This book made me want so much more. I cannot wait for anything else this author can dish out.