Legally Undercover by Rachel Kall

Legally Undercover - Rachel Kall

When it comes to audiobooks, the first thing I really look for is a good narrator. The narrator is pretty much everything to me, because even if the story is amazing, an annoying narrator can completely make the reader uninterested. However, in Legally Undercover I did not have to worry about that. Crystal Sershen did a phenomenal job. AND she did voices. YAY! I LOVE VOICES! Sad, but true.


Alex Popov is very good at her job. So good that when she is given reign on a very hush-hush account, she does everything in her power to make the client happy so as not to jeopardize her own position at her firm. But things could get a bit heated on that regard when a new attorney shows up. You see, Alex can just feel it in her bones that something is not right. Whether he is there to compete for the higher position she herself wants, or whether it is just something about his character, she just does not like him.


However, the truth will come out, and secrets her new client is keeping will cause her and this new attorney to work together in an intimate environment that is uncomfortable for Alex yet absolutely necessary to bring evidence and a possible terrorist plot to light.


Alex will face a past she has not forgotten about in ten years. She will also fall for a man who is a pawn in a game bigger than himself. And she will discover a betrayal that could possibly mean her death.


This book was interesting and full of action and intrigue. I actually wanted to tear my hair out a few times because of the main character Alex, because I thought she was naive. But I was gladly mistaken. She is just one of the good guys trying to make sure the bad guy gets caught. Her naivete is not really naivete at all, but a sense of wanting to see justice done and knowing who to trust. Will definitely be checking out more of Kall's works in the future.