Killing Pythagoras by Marcos Chicot

Killing Pythagoras - Marcos Chicot

I love history. I love reading about people and places of long ago times. So, historical thrillers are completely up my alley. It was with great restraint that I did not magically reach through my computer screen to grab this book when I first heard about it. It has all the makings of a great novel. The characters are interesting, the plot thickens abundantly, and the fact that it is based off real historical events is just the icing on the cake. But let's begin this review, properly shall we? What is this book about?


Well, for starters, the great and powerful Pythagoras is in it. You know who Pythagoras is, or at least, you should have heard his name in those math classes most of you probably fell asleep in during school. He's the guy that has to do with triangles...the Pythagorean Theorem.


Ah, I see the light bulbs now above your heads. Well, let me say that this book is not about math, so you can stop freaking out...okay, so it has a bit to do with math, but it mostly has to do with MURDER!


That's right. One of Pythagoras's most studious grand masters has been murdered. In fact, it is the one he was going to trust to take over for him when he can no longer enlighten others with his wisdom and knowledge. How, you ask? Mandrake root. That sad part is, the police cannot find the culprit. There is not enough significant evidence to lead them anywhere. But Pythagoras does not give up. He sends someone to find a man who is known for his deductive prowess. A man by the name of Akenon.


Akenon is not really keen to take on this case at first, but Pythagoras can be quite convincing. It also helps that Akenon has taken quite an interest in Pythagoras's daughter. A woman as witty and wise as she is beautiful, who believes her father might have been the true target of this murderer.


Who is this elusive killer, and what are his true intentions? Can Akenon find out who did it before more bodies fall? How does math fit into all this? Read the book and find out for yourself.....


I absolutely, positively was not disappointed. At all. Whatsoever. This book has all the qualities of a crazy good historical novel, and I can see why it was the number one bestseller on Amazon in Spanish for five consecutive months last year. I LOVE IT!!!