Cedric of RoseThorn by S. Thomas Kaza

Cedric of Rosethorn - S. Thomas Kaza

So, I was given this book in exchange for an honest review from the author, and this is definitely going to be an honest review. I must honestly state that this book made me angry. Not because it was not good, on the contrary it was really good, but because it ended so abruptly, with nothing but a black rose to taunt me into desperately wanting to know so much more about the book. The characters, the situation at hand, RoseThorn and Cedric's ultimate fate.

When we first meet Cedric, Lord of RoseThorn, he is witnessing yet another bout with death in his family. First it was his brother, then his children, and now his wife Milona. He watches as she desperately fights for her life in her bed, and hopes against all hope that the healer he sent for reaches the castle in time to help her. But his hoping gets him nowhere. For against his wishes, the dealer of death shows itself, sealing Milona's fate and causing Cedric to lose himself in uncontrollable grief.

When he comes to, however, it seems time may have moved a bit faster than he may have realized when he was mourning Milona. The castle has become eerily quiet. Not the quiet of a kingdom mourning a queen, but the quiet of the missing. Because that is indeed what has become of everyone. They are missing, gone, no longer a part of RoseThorn itself.

Cedric searches throughout the lands surrounding the castle and eventually finds a few peasants to help him with RoseThorn, but apart from that he finds bandits. Roamers of the wood who are willing to slaughter to get what they want. But it seems that these are not just average bandits. They have a leader. Someone who wants Cedric gone and RoseThorn for himself.

Can Cedric and those siding with him fight them off? Or is RoseThorn doomed.

This book is definitely worth the read. I totally recommend it for anyone and everyone, and I cannot wait for the next installment in the story.