The Running Game by L E Fitzpatrick

The Running Game (Reachers) - L E Fitzpatrick

Okay, so...I actually was not expecting to fall in love with this book when I began reading it at first. I thought it was just going to be just another story of potential murder...well that will definitely teach me to read an excerpt in its entirety. Because this is not just another story. This is a phenomenal paranormal tale of extravagant proportions.


Rachel Aaron was taught from a young age by her father to run. To never stay in one place too long. To always keep your opponent guessing as to your position, and stay one step ahead. However, she has become complacent. She originally came to S'aven to find her lost sister, but has stayed longer than intended. So when two brothers warn her that she is in danger, and that they were hired to find her by a man who most assuredly does not have good intentions toward her, she instantly packs up and runs like she was taught. But...alas, it cannot be that easy. Otherwise, where is the fun in that?


Charlie and his brother are getting back in the game of finding people. It's what pays the bills, so why not? But when Charlie finds that their recent assignment has a connection to him, he does not have it in him to betray her location to the people that want her. He abides by the Reacher code inside of him, because that is the very power, the very connection, they share. So, he decides to help her. But when you work for the big man in town, it seems that things are not always on your side.


Danger comes in many forms in this book. Whether it be a leader searching for a killer's identity, willing to do whatever it takes to get it, a wife who is willing to sacrifice anyone for the man she loves, or a man who will play whichever side gets him the revenge he so desires.


This book was amazing. I unfortunately could not read it all in one sitting, because of the reality of having a job (WHY!!! Haha), but I never stopped thinking about it when I was away. I was always wondering what was going to happen next, and that is the most important thing in any story. To keep the readers enthralled enough to wonder what will happen if they keep reading. What will happen to the very characters they both love and hate. Will a hated character become a loved one? Will a loved one suddenly turn on you? This is a wonderful book, and I will be searching for more of Fitzpatrick's stories in the future.