The Garnet Dagger by Andrea R. Cooper

The Garnet Dagger (Crimson Romance) - Andrea R. Cooper

Brock is an elf who is fascinated by humans. So much so, that he has observed them for many of his years and has learned much of their language and ways. But when he encounters one suddenly on his way back home from travelling to yet another human village, he cannot suspect the trouble that will come of their meeting.

The human, much to Brock’s surprise, is a vampyre, and it seems that Brock’s life may soon be at an end when the vampyre begins to feed from him. However, something strange begins to happen. Because Brock is not human, the effects of the feeding are not the same. In fact, it seems that Brock is sucking the life out the vampyre. Neither knows what is going on until it is too late and the vampire lay dead.

Brock arrives back home, still reeling from the shock of what happened. He decides to go on a private search for some answers, heading down into the vaults where only a select few have access. But the vaults hold only a cryptic message for Brock, and with the sudden appearance of his betrothed he searches for someone to confide in. But tragedy soon strikes, and the message finally becomes clear to Brock, bringing a monstrous reality in its wake.

The fate of his people is in his hands, so with his sudden exile to the human lands, armed with a garnet dagger that will aid him in his quest, Brock goes on a search for the one person that could allow his people to survive. A witch.

The Garnet Dagger was an interesting story to start, because I have never pictured the world of elves along with vampyres. It never occurred to me that these two concepts can go together so wonderfully, but they do. I commend the author on this. Throughout the story, I never felt a lack of substance, every word and sentence hooked me and made me want to read more.

This book is definitely recommended for those who love fantasy, prophecies, elves, humans, witches, evil torturing monks…the whole she-bang.