The Deceived (Vessel Full of Souls Book #2) by S.K.N. Hammerstone

The Deceived (Vessel of Souls) - S.K.N. Hammerstone

The Rift (Book #1) left me very excited to read this second book of the Vessel Full of Souls series, because it ended with its main character, Rachael, going evil (or at least, being controlled by her "trainer" Elizabeth) and revealing her pregnant state. At that point, the father of her baby is pretty well implied so the main thing I wondered was how Rachael was going to end up getting out of her controlled environment and become the great ruler she is supposed to be. (You know, the nice, non-bloodlustful ruler. Is that too much to ask?) I guess it is, because there were so many twists and turns with this second installment, that I did not know where to turn.


I am not even going to mention the first twist that occurs, or one of the first at least, because there is nothing I would be able to say without giving it away. But let's just say it is a surprise no one saw coming. Well, actually I do not know if that is true, but Elizabeth didn't see it coming anyway and that's the important thing.


Second twist. Well, it is not exactly a twist, but it was making me a tad angry at the story. A good angry, because I just wanted to read more. I wouldn't exactly call it betrayal, but people (or should I say Angels and Demons) are kind of starting to show their true colors. They are parting ways, doing things that will benefit them and theirs, revealing hidden identities, etc. Things that just seem to make this story even better and allow it to grow exponentially.


I actually think I put more than one twist into that last paragraph, but I will continue on.


Overall, this book was A LOT darker than the last. It had a more serious tone to it as the characters (both good and bad) attempt to take control. I love second books in a series because since there is really no backstory to get through, you see more of who each character is and how the situations they are put in affect them.


Sadly, I do not think the third one of this series is out yet, but I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I desperately have to know what happens. How the story ends up playing out and whether or not good really can prevail in such a late state of the game.