Crossed by Ally Condie

Crossed  - Ally Condie

Cassia, Ky, and Xander are back in this sequel to Ally Condie's book Matched. But there is a slight twist from the first book. This second is written from two points of view. Cassia's and Ky's.


We start off with Ky. After being taken from the Borough by the Society near the end of the first book, we find that he is now in the Outer Provinces. He is one of many "decoys," people living in towns to trick the Society's Enemy into thinking those towns are truly inhabited. They are told to plant cotton, to give the impression of a flourishing community. But all that comes is fire. Fire rains down on these "decoys" bringing death and destruction. Ky is the strongest of some of these "decoys." He bands together with another boy, to bury the dead. However, he cannot forget Cassia no matter how bad it gets where he is. She is the light in his darkness, Her memory gives him the strength to run away, with two others, from the decoy town and into the unrelenting wilderness of The Carving. A place that will bring back memories, both good and bad, of his past.


Cassia is on a search to find Ky. She cannot let him go without finding him again. So, with some cunning tactics, she lands a spot on an airship traveling to the Outer Provinces. This ship is taking a fresh band of "decoys" to a town, to replace those who are dead. Once there, Cassia searches desperately for any sign of Ky. But to no avail. He is not there. However, she soon comes across someone who knew of where he ran to. Someone who longs to also run.


With the help of a newfound friend, Cassia heads to The Carving herself to find any sign of the boy she loves. 


Along this journey, though, she may find more than she bargained for.


As for Xander, we find he is still in love with Cassia. But, as her search for Ky becomes more and more a part of her, how long will his one-sided love last?


I loved the point of view thing in this book. It was a fresh take on the story, giving us a chance to know Ky better. More of his story was told in this one, which I really thought was great. He is still a mystery, but not so much as he was in Matched.


Xander...let's now talk about him. I have a feeling that there is more to come from him in the third book. There's just something about him that halfway makes me not trust him.

*puts hands around face defensively* Sorry for those of you who like him, I think he is a nice guy, I just don't trust him.


Overall, this book was good. I just probably would have benefited better if I would have reread the first book to refresh my memory. CAN'T WAIT TO READ THE THIRD IN THE SERIES!