Third Installment in the Jack West, Jr. Thriller Series

The Five Greatest Warriors: A Novel - Matthew Reilly

As stated in the title of my review, The Five Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly is the third installment in the Jack West, Jr. thriller series. The first two books in the series are Seven Ancient Wonders and Six Sacred Stones, and provide many thrills and chills following Jack West, Jr.'s travels as he attempts to save the world from impending doom.


More specifically, he must find six pillars, cleanse them, and place them in six locations on certain dates and times, completing what is known as The Machine. All this must be done before the arrival of the "Dark Sun." A phenomenon which could mean certain death for everyone if Jack fails. However, this mission of his will not be as easy as it might seem, seeing as how there are so many people out to keep him from succeeding.

When we meet Jack in this book, he is falling down into the depths of a black abyss, alone, all except for a deadly enemy, and away from his fellow comrades.


Hope seems lost for our hero, until a surprise swoop-in by his trusty falcon, Horus, brings back his determination. Therefore, he makes it out of harm's way, for the time being.


Throughout the rest of the book, with the help of his team of misfits, Jack goes on the hunt for the final four pillars and their locations. There is much action, shooting, death among friends and enemies, and even quite a bit of betrayal and self-preservation.


I have loved the books before this one, and so it was not surprising that I loved this one as well. I hope that, as sort of implied in the Q & A portion at the back of the book, that Matthew Reilly writes some more on the story of Jack West, Jr. and his team. However, if it is not in the cards, I am happy to end on this one.