A Personal Case for Nikki Heat

Frozen Heat - Richard Castle

I was very excited when, earlier in the year, I was finally able to buy this installment in the critically acclaimed Heat/Rook Detective series. Now, in past books of this series, Nikki Heat has not been as personal and emotional in her cases.  Yeah, she has shown some emotion, but we have never really known much about her own life besides the fact that her mother was murdered years before.

In Frozen Heat, however, Nikki must delve into her mother's past. Possibly far deeper than she may want to go.

When a woman is found inside a suitcase, dead and frozen in a fetal-like position, this seems like any other case. But things take an unexpected turn when Nikki finds that the suitcase the woman is stuffed in turns out to have belonged to her mother, Cynthia Heat. It was the suitcase taken from her apartment the day she was murdered.

Nikki begins the book in denial about the two cases possibly being connected, but with the help of Rook she finds that the past may just be the answer.

The author takes us through a story of  friendship, secret lives, and the possible betrayal of a nation. And we find that nothing is always as it seems, especially when it comes to tourists and photography.

I absolutely was not disappointed in this book. I was, in fact, shocked by some of the plot twists and turns, and always was anxious to turn the page and find out what was going to happen next.

Cannot wait at all for the next book, Deadly Heat, to be released this September. Have to know what happens next!