Phenomenal Storyline

Divergent - Veronica Roth

I have to say that I was a bit reluctant to read this book at first. The main reason for this was that I had gotten a sample of the book quite a while ago, and at the time it just did not seem to interest me at all. However, when I found it in my local library I decided that the story deserved a chance to be heard. So I gave it that chance.


I was pleasantly surprised by how easy a read this book really was. It went quickly for me, and I was a bit sad to reach the end. Luckily for me, though, there are two more to read. Yay! Let's learn a bit more about Divergent shall we?


In this book, we are introduced to Beatrice Prior, a girl from the faction of Abnegation. She is a bit nervous, because she is about to go through a range of tests to determine what faction she will eventually live the rest of her life in. What are factions? Well, they are groups of people who devote their lives to certain virtues. The people of Amity reflect peacefulness, the people of Candor reflect honesty, the people of Dauntless reflect bravery, the people of Abnegation reflect selflessness, and the people of Erudite reflect intelligence. It is said that these factions are supposed to eliminate the chance of warring between people. They are there to keep a balanced world.


This system has supposedly worked...until now that is.


We discover early on that there is an unease between two of the factions. The Erudite suspect the Abnegation of using their virtue to hide their true intentions. This unease is starting to create a rift that could possibly destroy the balance, and cause even bigger problems.


We also discover that after her testing concludes Beatrice finds out something about herself that she must keep hidden. Her results, if revealed to anyone, could potentially mean the death of her as it has to many before her.


Can she keep her secret and find her place in the factions?


This book was a fast read for me, and a wonderfully vibrant one at that. I enjoyed every moment of this story, and cannot wait until I read the others.


I reccommend this to anyone who loves action, adventure, and the suspense of the unknown.