The Sacred Vault by Andy McDermott

The Sacred Vault - Andy McDermott


So I just finished this book after having to restart it due to time constraints earlier this year forcing me to stop reading it., and like most of the Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase novels I have absolutely loved it. I mean, it has action, adventure, weapons, fast cars, and, most especially, hidden treasure, all the things I love about this series.


I love that this book, and a couple of books before this one, have focused on the ramifications of people trying to bring about the end of society in order to create a more perfect world...for them, that is. Whether it be attempting to reincarnate an ancient Eygtian god or, as the Khoils tried to do here, killing the world's leaders in order to create massive chaos, there hasn't been a shortage lately on people using their own beliefs to justify their actions. I think it makes for a wonderful storyline, and it makes for some vicious antagonists.


Now unlike a few of the other books previous, I felt like this one didn't have enough of the treasure hunting and archaeology to my liking. Mainly, to me, it just seemed as if Nina and Eddie were going through a loop. The Khoils capture them, Pramesh's wife screeches for them to die, they somehow get away, the Khoils capture them, Pramesh's wife get it. And when the hunt for the Shiva-Vedas took place, it was merely a race to see who could get there first. There wasn't the pureness of just searching for treasure that has occurred in previous installments, or the all-around wonder I usually feel reading these books at the possibility of finding a lost or even mythical artifact or place.


Having said that, though, this book is still special to me. This whole series is special to me, and the characters especially are very close to my heart. I am a lifer when it comes to these books, and I definitely would not have it any other way.