Fissure Free by Shari J. Ryan

Fissure Free - Shari J. Ryan

After reading the first book in this series, I was very ecstatic to begin this second installment. And apart from having to refresh my memory of the ending of the last book, it was like I had never stopped reading.

Overall, this book was just as topsy-turvy as the first. With the main focus being that our two main characters are now in the care of Franco, who is keeping them alive just so he can find something he believes Chloe knows all about. Now, in the beginning of this book, we have no clue the two lovebirds are with Franco, since they are happy in their own drift world. But deep down they know they cannot put off the inevitable. They must go back, or at least Chloe, and confront what ails them both in the real world.

Things are going to be a bit more difficult than both realize, because when Chloe travels back to reality, she finds that Franco is forcing them into their drift. I don't know if he finds them easier to deal with that way or if he believes he can find the information he needs while they are in that state, but by the way he reacts when Chloe awakens several times throughout the story, it is as if doesn't want them to come back at all. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Now back to the drift. As the story progresses, it seems that Chloe and Alex's relationship becomes more and more strained with all everything that's happening. This including new relatives being revealed, parts of Alex's past and the reason he cannot respond or does not respond in the real world being revealed, and a strange little boy showing up out of the blue. This book is just as twisted, if not more so, than the last, and that is definitely what makes it worth the read.

Curiouser and curiouser...


While throughout about half of this book I was starting to dislike Chloe because of her reactions and attitude toward certain things that happened, there came a point where she finally became again the character that I loved and related so much to in the first book. Alex started out almost the same way with this one as well, but thankfully that changed. I am absolutely stoked to read the third and final book in this series, because I have to know if these two will finally be able to live a normal life, or at least as normal a life as two drifters can have. I also have to know if Alex will finally be able to respond to real life. And Franco is quickly becoming an awesome thorn in my side. He is starting to grow on me. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE END!