Highland Hunger by Eliza Knight

Highland Hunger (Highland Wars) (Volume 1) - Eliza Knight

Sometimes when reading certain books, usually ones with a fair amount of steamy scenes, I am faced with a sudden crudeness to the story that just doesn't seem to fit with the overall plot. A rawness which just seems out of place and unnecessary. In those cases, the scenes which show this characteristic feel like they could be infinitely more refined and written in a way that flows more easily with the rest of the text. However, while this book does in fact have that same quality to a lot of its scenes, I would not change it for the world.


Considering the time and place this story is based in, and also considering the situation in which both our main and secondary characters alike are forced to endure, that very crudeness which makes me usually cringe is wholly welcome. In fact, it makes the story. The rawness of the games and the almost primaless that drives a lot of the characters to kill or be killed is what makes the story so believable and readable. And there is an almost bittersweet sorrow when characters you end up liking in the end die as the games go on.


The author put emotion into this story. She made me feel tension and relief and sadness and even a sense of duty. And due to all of that, I will definitely be eagerly awaiting the newest installment. I have to know what is going to happen next, both with the future of the games and the new Prince and Princess of Sitheil.