Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dream Warrior - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I have been a HUGE fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon's work ever since reading her book Acheron. Her writing amazes me and there is just a quality to it that seems to pull me in every single time. So I always take an opportunity when I can to read something of hers. That is why when I saw this particular book for pretty much nothing at my local store, I grabbed it.


I always love how each of her books, or at least most of them, stars a different character from the last. And this one did not disappoint in that regard. This story focuses on a character named Cratus, who was sentenced to exile by Zues after he completely disobeyed orders to kill a child. He has spent his entire exile so far basically being killed and brought back each night and having to endure a mortal life. He has also spent his time plotting his revenge. So when he gets that very chance, after being given a choice to stand with the enemy for a war against those who spurned him and being guaranteed his powers back, he ultimately embraces it.


Delphine, the other main character of this story, is sent to sway him and basically sees him agreeing to help the enemy. She immediately goes to tell everyone of this sudden development when suddenly an ambush occurs, pulling her and the man she is supposed to be bringing to their side together in unforeseen circumstances. Things start off a bit rocky between the two, but the more they spend time with one another, the more they will see that they truly want to be together. And their budding relationship will be the deciding factor between whether or not Cratus breaks from his new allies and goes over to help those who did not help him so long ago.


There were a couple of times where I became confused with passage or two that I had read, but that is mostly attributed to not being able to read the book all the way through in one go. I was reading this and putting it down and reading other books and picking this one back up, so that is not really the fault of the story itself. Other than that, though, this was a typical Sherrilyn Kenyon story. Old characters came back, the dialogue was funny, and her world just jumped right off the page. This is, for me, yet again a successful read from this wonderful author.