Tell Me A Secret by Ann Everett

Tell Me a Secret - Ann Everett

I consider the whole tutor and student storyline to be a classic in romance. It reminds me of a beauty and the geek concept, where the supposed "nerd", whoever the character may be, gets the pretty boy or pretty girl, and the pretty boy or pretty girl sees the inner beauty and most times hidden outer beauty that the other character possesses, causing him or her to fall in love. And in this story, that was entirely the case.


But just because something is considered a classic does not mean that the concept was overused or old in this book. On the contrary, the storyline for this book is actually quite good. My only problem was with the execution. This story has amazing potential to rise even farther than it already has.


Considering the character of Jace, I liked him. I liked the fact that he was cocky and, almost uncomfortably, an ass. I mean, that was who he is. A guy so full of himself that when he finds out a girl is not treating him like he is used to be treated by other girls he attempts to change her mind about him. Attempts to get that reaction out of her. But I could tell that under all that was a sweet man who would do anything to protect this girl who makes him question his own self. This girl who is like no other.


I also really liked his counterpart, Maggie, who he so endearingly refers to as Magpie. Isn't that cute? Anyway, I can relate to the whole wild red hair thing. So I definitely knew immediately that she was going to hold a place in my heart. I just wish her love for Jace hadn't hit her as hard so early on. Considering her past, I kind of wanted it to be a surprise to her when she finally realized she truly did love him. And then I wanted her to be scared to death of that. She does not want to end up like her mother, and I wanted her to run away from him and then finally give in.


As to the two parts of this book, they could easily be two different books. One focusing on how the two characters met and possibly how they became engaged, focusing also primarily on Maggie and the issues from her past, and the second focusing on Jace's accident and Maggie's letters to him and how they helped him cope with both his paralysis and potentially losing her due to his decision for her to leave him.


There are some beautifully and funnily written scenes throughout this story. But with some better transitioning and some good old-fashioned editing, this story could be one to truly make an impact in the romance genre.