All In (Cedar Mountain University Book 2) by Ann Garner

All In (Cedar Mountain University Book 2) - Ann Garner

I absolutely LURV the character Grace in this book. I mean seriously, I think the author may have telepathy, or at least visited the depths of my brain, because she is basically me, but book size. Okay, so I don't have short hair, or any of Grace's physical characteristics, or even a man like Jacob, or two brothers, I think it was two anyway, but I kind of do not have a filter from my brain to my mouth, just like her. I tend to say everything that comes to mind, or at least most things, and sometimes I tend to tell the harsh truth, even though no one wants to hear it, but then I never follow my own advice to others, so that kind of makes me a hypocrite, and I also like pumpkin spice lattes, if they're not scalding hot enough to basically make my tongue go all tingly and numb.

I adore how she and Jacob interact throughout this entire book. They just have this natural rhythm, and I could not get over how amazingly cute some of the dialogue between the two was. They have a true connection, and I absolutely loved how Grace was able to get Jacob to open up about his past and the accident which made him give up football. I also loved how Jacob made Grace feel so loved and makes her want to be better than herself just for his sake. Both of them just complement one another so perfectly, that when they begin to drift apart (over a d-bag like Grant, by the way, okay so maybe it is a tad bit Grace's fault too, and maybe just a small part Jacob's) it just made me ache inside. 

*sniff sniff*

And Del... That poor girl. Her story is told in this one, enough that you know what went on, but not so much that reading the first book, which is her story in its full form, is completely disregardable. She just seems so sweet, and her experience and the aftermath of it influences and is important to Jacob and Grace's relationship. It basically starts the incident that causes the downfall of the couple. And without it, I do not think Grace and Jacob would have truly appreciated the connection they share.


Anyway, this story was really good. I laughed, cringed, almost yelled in anger during certain parts involving a certain someone named Grant (sorry, but he frustrated me) and just wanted to encourage the relationship of these two characters so much. It was nice to see Grace's transition from pining over her ex to suddenly falling for this amazing guy who saw her for her. Who even called her a punch of sunshine during a very difficult time in his life. It was very sweet and, ugh, I just completely couldn't keep a smile off my face when it ended.