Ghost Hold by Ripley Patton

Ghost Hold - Ripley Patton

Last year when I read Ghost Hand, the first book in the PSS Chronicles series, I was absolutely hooked. The whole PSS thing just fascinates me and the story is so very well written that it was a no brainer for me to read the second in the series. I mean, I just had to know what was next for these characters.


Okay, so this book starts where the first left off. The characters are on a journey to help the next person on Marcus's list. A girl named Samantha. But for this particular sting, they will need to have a very extensive identity change, well at least for Olivia and Passion, who are going to be attending Samantha's school in order to get close enough to reveal their true intentions. But things are not going to go as planned.


You see, Samantha can hear PSS. It is literally music to her ears. Which wouldn't be bad if she wasn't in a cult that could potentially be as dangerous as the CAMFers themselves. And it also doesn't help that this particular cult is a part of Marcus's own past. A past that Olivia finds he has been pretty much hiding the truth about. Events will occur revealing things about him that will make Olivia doubt his true intentions. Is he truly on their side, or has he been siding with the enemy all along? And she will also find things out about her own past that will change what she has known about her family forever.


This book has a lighter mode in some parts than the first one did. But there are also infinitely darker parts as we go deeper and deeper into the abyss that is PSS. I am floored by this very story, and cannot wait to see how this series will end.