My Soul Immortal by Jen Printy

My Soul Immortal  - Jen Printy

I always talk about books that make an impact, books that sweep the reader away from the get-go and immediately you know you love them, and books that are quieter, ones that you don't know you truly love until you finish them. Sometimes those are the ones I truly adore reading. This book, was one of them.


The sorrow the main character has in this story can be felt throughout the entire book. I sensed his pain and hurt from losing someone he loved dearly all those years ago. I also sensed his desperation for death. Some people think immortality would be an amazing thing, but it is stories like this and characters like Jack which put the truth behind immortality into perspective. Would you want to live your days alone and constantly moving around so people wouldn't suspect when you don't age. I mean, the whole being able to get shot or stabbed or hurt in any way and then healing is pretty awesome, but immortality could be a very lonely life.


And then what happens if you find someone that you begin to love, such as in Jack's case? Even though Leah is a soul immortal, and there is a miniscule chance she could come back in a different time and remember him, contrary to what Jack himself believes, it is not like she can live forever like him. So I could definitely understand, after he figures out how to die, Jack planning to basically kill himself when she dies.


Even now, I am smiling at this story. It was so sad, yet so happy. I felt the love both main characters had for one another, and I loved that Leah was the descendant of Jack's first true love but that he saw her for her true self. He did sometimes compare the two, but he loved Leah for who she was and he was willing to sacrifice himself to save her. I don't think I realized just how much I truly enjoyed this piece until writing this review, but it is very beautiful, AND it sets itself up for a possible sequel! YAY! 


This oh so quiet novel was truly a privilege to read.