The Wanderer's Guide to Dragon Keeping by Ashley O'Melia

The Wanderer's Guide to Dragon Keeping - Ashley O'Melia

I am not sure if I read the blurb wrong or what, but when I first chose this book to read, I thought the main character was going to stay a child throughout the entire thing. So, obviously because of my random changing of the story in my head, I thought this story was going to be a bit more juvenile reading age wise. However, that is not the case. This is the story of one girl's love for fantasy as a young child which she finds once again in adulthood.


As a child, Aubrey believed in princesses, princes, and most of all, dragons. But when a terrible incident kills her mother and father and sends her off to an orphanage, those days of imagination and fantasy become long ago memories.


Into adulthood, Aubrey is more focused on her reality than she is about old kiddie dreams. That is until she encounters a strange book at the library where she reads to children. This book explicitly informs her not to read ahead until the time is right. Heeding that advice she reads the introduction and nothing more, believing this book to be mere fiction. Well, an encounter with an old man at a carnival begins a set of events that proves without a doubt that the book is complete truth. And this book, its contents, and a real-life encounter with a fantastical creature believed not real will teach Aubrey more about herself, her role in the world, and the truth behind what caused her to become an orphan in the first place than she ever thought imaginable.


On top of all that, she will find love. Love with a man who is so very unexpected in all the right ways.


This is a great read, and one that I hope has a sequel since it kind of sets itself up for one.