Deviation by Christine Manzari

Deviation (The Sophisticates) - Christine Manzari

For some reason this past week, I have been picking and reading books that have a character or more in it that slightly annoyed me. While this too was the case in this one, but only in select situations I must say involving her friends and a boy she just happens to have the hots for that they don't trust, I absolutely LOVED this book. It was different and new and actually kind of awesome in a way.

Our main character is just one of many genetically enhanced beings. These beings, because they are superior to normal humans, get all the good positions when they finish school. However, some of them will be used in warfare, and there is definitely a chance they could never come back if and when they are, in fact, used.

Cleo is NOT one of these warbound beings. At least in the beginning she doesn't think she is. But she causes things around to explode with her anger, she is sent away to the Academy to become a Mandate, as they are called. However, her first few weeks there seems like a big mistake. She doesn't seem to have what it takes to make it at the Academy, but, then again, she is also in denial that her power exists at all. She is too afraid to admit to herself that she could actually have the capability to hurt someone, let alone fatally.

This denial lasts until she meets a boy named Ozzy. He begins to warn her about using her powers at all, stating she needs to keep a low profile. That works exceptionally well (NOT!!) due to one fact being that her Cleo's new friends at the Academy do not trust him AT ALL!! But he breaks through to her and allows her in on his secrets, symbolically speaking since the Program knows everything about everyone, showing that he trusts her. And by learning his secrets, she'll learn so much more about herself and what the Program really wants with her and her powers.


This book frustrated me and it made me laugh. And my favorite part was the ROLLER DERBY! Those were some intense and amazing scenes. I also loved the rivalry between Chloe and a character named Quinby (I just had to use her full name here, it was too tempting). Everyone had their own personalities that shown through...and speaking of personalities, my favorite character was Arabella. I will not state the reasoning behind this, because it is completely obvious throughout the book. I completely wish I was her. 'Nuf said. Also....THE CODE NAMES!!!! I LOVED THE CODE NAMES!!! Basically, this book is totally...I have run out of words to describe how wonderful it is, because it is just that good.