Pendulum by Ciara Knight

Pendulum - Ciara Knight

So, this book was a breath of fresh air to me compared to the last one. While the last one started off quite a bit rocky for me and stayed that through most of the book, this one was very well put together. The story was more concrete and worked most of the time. Apart from a few times where contrasting statements appeared this was an all around great second book in this trilogy.


Due to the events ending the first book, this one doesn't really focus on the queen. I mean, they talk about her in regards to how to defeat her and the fact that Semara is related to her and the possibility she could be using Semara as a weapon, but mainly in this book they are focusing on finding allies with which to fight her. They do find this, and more, but even more important, Semara finds out parts of her past which until now have eluded her.


So many things are revealed in this book. The truth behind the lies given to her when she was just a small child. And after a betrayal where Semara is almost sentenced to basically die, since no one makes it out of the place she was to be sent to alive, she is led to the one man who can confirm this truth. 


I believe in this book that Semara is coming to find out who she really is. I mean, her friends are too, especially Raeth, who has found indescribable happiness, something she has deserved, or at least I felt she deserved since the ordeal which took her leg, but Semara, someone who has not had anyone since the queen took her aboard her ship all those years ago, has found a place. Albeit a somewhat unsure one since she must prove her loyalty to those trying to stop the queen, and she must also gain their trust, but a place nonetheless. It is far more stable than the running she did throughout the first book and the beginning of this one, and ultimately, she is able to almost breathe again. Well, between plotting and planning and helping to keep her people alive, yeah, she can totally breathe.


All in all, so far this book is my favorite in this trilogy. It just flows so much better than the first and definitely goes at a much faster pace than the previous one. Completely worth the read.